Ann E. Nolte Writing Award

The Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education announces an annual award of recognition for an outstanding written contribution in the field of health education and health promotion. This award is to recognize authors or organizations that make a significant contribution to health education through a written document focused on a) history, b) philosophy, or c) the future of health education and health promotion. We invite your nominations for this award within the following guidelines.

Nominations should demonstrate the following characteristics:
a. Make a significant contribution to the health education/health promotion literature with a focus on the history, philosophy, or future of health education/health promotion.
b. Be a well written document published in print or electronic format.
c. Published within three years of the year in which it is nominated (for 2015, documents will be considered from 2014, 2013, and 2012).
d. May be written or developed by either individual authors, editors, groups, or organizations.
e. Documents under consideration must be in English regardless of the country of origin.
f. Contributions to be considered could include any of the following: articles from peer-reviewed journals, doctoral dissertations, master degree theses, books, chapters within edited books, reports, or proceedings.

Please forward your nominations no later than April 30, 2015 to:
Susan K. Telljohann, HSD, CHES
Professor Emeritus, Health Education
The University of Toledo
Department of Health and Recreation Professions
Office: HH 1012, M.S. #119
2801 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH 43606

Please provide the following information with your nomination:
1. Title, author(s) and all other bibliographic information
2. If possible, a single copy of the document (additional review copies will be made/obtained by FAHE)
3. Your rationale for the nomination of this outstanding publication (no more than two pages in length)
4. Your contact information

The award selection will be completed by a selection committee and the award will be announced and presented in the fall of 2015.